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Battletank SHOULDERS!

Build ABRAMS TANK like SHOULDERS with the exercises and routines in this book

ByRahul Mookerjee

The REAL cornerstone of a man (or woman, for that matter)'s upper body strength comes from the SHOULDERS. There is a reason that we have the "broad shouldered man" saying in English and other languages. There is a reason that broad, strong, dense and mammoth shoulders not only look powerful - but ARE powerful - and inspire AWE in the eyes of onlookers!And the reason? Well, simple ... the SHOULDERS are what connect your entire upper body together.Way back in the day men - or should I say REAL MEN (hint - modern day man today is NOT what I'd consider to be a real man or anywhere close to it) certainly didn't spend hours yakking away at the nearest "benching station" or preening and posing after the "latest PR" with the bros. Way back in the day - when MEN were ACTUALLY strong - they did NOT - I repeat, NOT - spend hours and hours yanking desperately at one of the most worthless modern day inventions there is; that being the lat pulldown machine - an open invitation to injury if there ever was one. Way back in the day, REAL MEN didn't bother about six packs - or waspishly thin midsections to "get the girls" or "flaunt at the spa" (hoo boy, how manly huh?) They bothered about what was important - building real strength - real CHARACTER - and doing so with vim, vigor gumption and the RIGHT exercises! Here are but SOME of the benefits you can get from the exercise herein - Abraham TANK like SHOULDERS - shoulders so wide and massive that you'll be "splitting" out of your current shirts in no time.A ROCK SOLID - CHISELED CORE - them shirts will "billow" around the midsection as you'll be wearing XXXL and more for the shoulders - but it'll be the opposite in terms of waistline! A coruscating, ROCK SOLID, vice like and unnatural grip that will literally "pull" people towards you when you grip their hands. Believe me, I've been complimented on my grip strength a LOT - and while Gorilla Grip is what you need for grip manual #1 , THIS course and the SECRET KEY mentioned within will also develop the aforementioned GRIP!Fingers like REBAR - you won't have "hands" any longer - you'll have PLIERS! BARN door lats - you'll develop a back "spread" so wide that the average bodybuilder will be left "in the dust" looking on in awe. A MAMMOTH CHEST - you'll develop a rock solid chest like a silverback gorilla (or as close it as man can get) with this course - and NO - "just" pushups ain't gonna do it! And much more. Grab this GEM OF A COURSE now! Rahul Mookerjee


Publication Date
Jul 20, 2020
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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