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Gorilla Grip - The Compilation

31 exercises that will give you an "ironmonger" like handshake, fingers like CLAWS, and a vice like "unnatural" pull to your grip!

ByRahul Mookerjee

Way, way back in the day – when yours truly was 17 years of age – he fell out of a running bus on his right wrist, and pretty much made a royal MESS of the wrist – a decidedly “non Gorilla grip” wrist at that point I’d say.Though the wrist didn’t hurt that bad at the time, and though I was going to treat it at home myself, I could barely move it in a clockwise and other manner – and long story short, I ended up going to a doctor who put it in a cast. Probably the right thing to do, and ’twas my right wrist – which has always been a weak suit for me. A few weeks later, I remember having to go an examination in another town, and my father was the one that took me there.We had to stay in a hotel on the way, and all of a sudden, we met up with this one guy – – this guy about 6’2″ in height, and a tennis player at that.And as we shook hands, I made it very clear that I had an injured right wrist – but he seemed not to listen, and he gripped my hand with his own “vice” like grip (tennis players have great grips!) – and the pain I felt was beyond comparison. But the worst part wasn’t that – the worst part was the look in the eye – a look that he gave me unknowingly – a look that spoke volumes. A look of “you’re a weakling” – something I’d heard ad infintium growing up.Something that I’m sure would resonate with the great Charles Atlas if he was alive today.You’ve heard of Atlas, I’m sure? The guy who used to routinely get sand kicked in his face at the beach – who was to become one of the VERY BEST proportioned men in the entire world down the line.It was at that point (and perhaps also when the doctor who strapped my wrist gave me a “sorry” sort of look which spoke volumes as well) that I decided I’d get the STRONGEST grip I could get. That I’d work my grip with a passion – and today, bonafide gym MONSTERS and “gorillas” in their own right shy away from shaking hands with me – and not because I intentionally try and crush hands either! What you’ll get from this compilation - - The path breaking “Gorilla Grip” book – – as well as it’s successor “Gorilla Grip – Advanced” – unparalleled value as it were, and I’m not done yet with the “value” part of it.The info I’m putting out in both these courses will give you benefits and gains far, far superior to what the average trainee in the gym doing sets of “reverse curls” or “wrist rollers” can ever hope to accomplish. From having been in the trenches, and then some - here's to a CRUSHING GORILLA GRIP FOR YOU!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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