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Shoulders like BOULDERS!

Brahma BULL-like shoulders with a SINGLE movement!

ByRahul Mookerjee

We all want the proverbial “shoulders like boulders” look, but how many folks today can truly say they have powerful and well developed shoulders that smack of raw power, and brute, functional strength that comes in handy in all situations? Most gym goers today are bombarded with the “more is better” principle, and waste way too much time on doing endless sets of lateral raises, front raises, and other unnatural isolationist movements that don’t accomplish very much at all, and end up leading to injuries down the road. I know people whose shoulders are so shot from lifting heavy weights that even brushing their teeth in the morning is a painful chore for them. OUCH! But guess what, building healthy and powerful shoulders that look like they belong on a Brahma bull doesn’t have to be a painful task – and it certainly doesn’t have to be a time consuming one either. This course is NOT about doing endless sets of meaningless exercises with light weights to get a “pump”. It’s not about getting “shredded delts” that look nice, but don’t have the power to back up the look. And it’s certainly not about spending all day in the gym figuring out the latest exercise on the block either. Benefits you WILL Get from following the exercises laid out herein: - Shoulder power that you never knew you could possess and strong, meaty traps that pulse with life, vigor and POWER! - You’ll never ever need a gym or weights again to develop the upper body – but people will be coming up to you asking what routine you follow in the gym regardless! - New slabs of FUNCTIONAL muscle all over your back, giving you natural strength, energy and vitality that won’t let you QUIT! - A barrel chest – without even targeting your chest muscles directly! - You’ll exude confidence everywhere you go due to your newfound strength and look – the kind of confidence that you just can’t get by pumping iron for hours in the gym! - Strong, wiry forearms that are every bit as strong as they look! - Reduced fat and increased definition and muscular SIZE all over your upper body! - Not only that – in this book you’ll get a BRAND NEW AND UPDATED “supplementary exercises” section that when combined with the handstand pushups will literally make you look like KING KONG minus the hair, my friend. Really – I’m NOT kidding ya! Grab this now, my friend. Truly worth it's weight in GOLD! Best, Rahul Mookerjee


Publication Date
Jul 20, 2020
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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