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The Simple and Effective Diet

Easy to follow diet for supreme strength, lasting health and maintaining overall levels of vitality and fitness

ByRahul Mookerjee

"Exercise is king and nutrition is queen - together they make a kingdom". So said the immortal Jack La Lanne, fitness pioneer a.k.a “The GodFather of Fitness“. And it's so true, my friend. Its so true. And YES the age old axiom about "you cannot outrain a bad diet" holds true as well for the most part! In this book, I will talk about a diet that, if followed regularly and combined with the right exercise program will get you supremely healthy. The advice in the book is simple and easy to follow – anyone can do it. The keyword here is “simple”, and I should tell you at the get-go itself that you will not need to devote hours of effort in the kitchen preparing meals to fit the guidelines I give you below. The average person has barely enough time to cook a decent meal, let alone a five course dinner – and I fully understand that. Preparing healthy, tasty food need NOT be a time consuming and arduous chore, and I think you’ll agree by the time you’ve finished the book. And the best part is that you won’t even think that you are “eating healthy” most of the time when you follow my recommendations. Remember that healthy and tasty are NOT mutually exclusive terms when it comes to food. Neither will you feel like you are starving (or denying yourself) as none of the recommendations ask you to deny yourself or even cut back on your servings, unless you are already at the point where you are eating too much. In a nutshell – eat HEALTHY, and eat WELL. That’s pretty much what I talk about in this book. Here are but SOME interesting "tidbits" in terms of what you can expect from this course - - Solid, down to earth advice on what sort of food items to eat, and what not to - How often to eat, and why the “commonly touted” advice on this doesn’t always work the best – and HAS NOT in my case (as well as several other super fit individuals). - Know the ONE item you need to avoid at all costs – and why you should be doing so - Figure out the type of meals you should be eating, and how they should be prepared - Learn about an often ignored part of your diet – and why doing so is detrimental to your overall health. - A “secret” health drink that most people flat out ignore – and my OWN results from drinking “pots of it daily” (hint, hint – it’s NOT coffee!) And much, more more ... Right, that should be enough of an intro - on with it now!


Publication Date
Jul 21, 2020
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Rahul Mookerjee



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