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WordPress Tutorial Video Course Learn WordPress

WordPress Tutorial Video Course Learn WordPress

ByRamiro Rodriguez

Please see the link under the picture which provides a preview and an explanation of what you’ll learn on this tutorial. With these videos, you'll receive instant access to a comprehensive set of 30 tutorial videos which walk you through all the important aspects of WordPress. Video 1: How to Create Subdomains and Add-on Domains in cPanel Video 2: How to Install WordPress Automatically Using cPanel Video 3: How to Install WordPress Manually Via FTP Video 4: How to Change Your Permalinks Structure Video 5: How to Create New Blog Posts Video 6: How to Create New Pages Video 7: How to Insert Images Video 8: How To Install Plugins Automatically Video 9: How to Upgrade / Delete Plugins Automatically Video 10: How to Upload & Install Plugins Manually Video 11: How to Install Themes Automatically Video 12: How to Customize Your Theme Menu Video 13: How to Upload and Install Themes Manually Video 14: please see the PDF under the picture.


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Sep 19, 2011
Computers & Technology
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By (author): Ramiro Rodriguez



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