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A Wayward Balance

A Wayward Balance

ByRayn Gryphon

A Wayward Balance is, though fairly substantial in itself, a condensed version of the four previous volumes in the series, Family Alcoholism: A Life Story, My Motherland My Child: A Book of Kin, Mountains High - The Country of my Consciousness, and Oversoul (with the accompanying books of poetry, The Divine Romance and Motherland, or all my books, starting with Susanna: A Book of Kin, my first novel, one I began at nineteen and completed at thirty-five, beginning a five year period, til today, wherein, as a testament to the almighty grace and power of Man, God and Nature, I have written around thirty-eight books in total). This entire series is written as a letter to my children, a letter about the World in which I myself was born and the World I would stake my entire humanity upon creating for them, a World truly sufficient for and fair to a child and only thus to all Life on Earth for eternity.


Publication Date
Jun 2, 2014
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rayn Gryphon



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