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Deploying Certificates Cisco Meeting Server

Design your certificates for CMS services and integrate with Cisco UCM Expressway and TMS

ByRedouane MEDDANE

Cisco Meeting Server brings premises-based video, audio, and web communication together to provide effective collaboration and to provide an intuitive conferencing solution for users. The Cisco Meeting Server is very secure, the services and applications running on the node use the TLS protocol for communication. TLS allows Cisco Meeting Server nodes to exchange digital certificates and public keys in order authenticate the other entity, exchange symmetric encryption algorithms and the encrypted key to encrypt data transmitted between the entities. This book is a series of projects that helps you as a reference to deploy cisco meeting server with the appropriate digital certificates in real environment either in new deployment or an extension for an existing deployment. The idea behind this book is to provide a dedicated guideline for your real deployments and projects, the goal is to explain with practice how to create and install digital certificates for different deployment types "single combined and Resilient & Scalable deployment" How to create a single Multi-SAN certificate where the same certificate can be deployed on multiple servers and multiple services. and different certificates where each service requires its own certificate, for WebAdmin, WebBridge, CallBridge and Database services, starting with the appropriate CSR (Certificate Signing Request), how to populate the CN (Common Name) and SAN (Subject Alternative Name) attributes with appropriate values in order to successfully enable cisco CMS Services and to ensure successful SSL Handshake negotiation. Also, how to prepare the certificates for Streamer, recorder, and scheduler services. Certificate pinning is covered so that the Call Bridge will trust certificates of Web Bridges that have been signed by a certificate in the trust store. How to integrate the Cisco CMS with different cisco collaborations components such as: • Cisco Unified Communication Manager with appropriate Dial Plan • Cisco Expressway Series to provide WebRTC connection for external user in an easy and secure fashion. • integration with the Cisco Meeting Management and Cisco Telepresence Management Suite to manage and schedule conferences. The Recorder and Scheduler services are covered with detailed implementation to allow users to record and schedule meeting through the spaces, Streamer integration with Wowza Streaming Engine for live streaming, integration of Cisco CMS as AdHoc conference bridge.


Publication Date
Aug 7, 2022
Computers & Technology
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Redouane MEDDANE



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