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Elizabeth's Journey

ByRhoda Fegan

Elizabeth is a young woman, damaged by a high school friend’s betrayal, who is determined to earn her law degree. When the need to save her mother’s life and the family home threatens, she marries Ian King instead of turning to God. Her marriage has many bittersweet turns, and only when she is in jail for Ian’s murder does she turn to God. But hell is not pleased to lose her soul. The defense leans on God, the prophet Elijah, who has his own story to tell, and an elderly parishioner, named Alice, to have its day in court. The real murderer confesses, “Yeah...the great Ian King is a dead man...just walked away from his useless body,” This is the story of how Elizabeth Adams King came to Christ. The book shows how unseen demons manipulated her life in an effort to destroy it for all eternity, and how unseen angels fought for her day of salvation. It shows also, how her life impacted the other people in the story. Dear reader, you will see just how much God loved Elizabeth, and us. You will see how her life and our lives are never beyond His redemptive power.


Publication Date
Aug 4, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rhoda Fegan



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