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Money Circles

Freedom by Circulation

ByRobert Mwangi

MONEY CIRCLES SEEKS TO shed light on the collapses we are courting as our economies here in Africa have not been circulating money but draining it. They have been profusely bleeding for decades but it’s now accelerated by borderless tools that sucks money at Fiber-optic speed. We started by draining skilled labor and with it the intellectual capacity to produce in Africa. We drain via imports creating massive trade deficits. The resultant unbalanced trade constantly throws us out of balance as we stagger towards blood merchants in the IMF and World Bank for transfusion to find some stability. Since this is not a circle but linear, it’s temporary and a collapse or take over of productive sovereign assets or income generated from them is what ensues. Money Circles will look at the CULTure and the psychology that makes this unwise economic configuration possible. It will look a the network of drainage pipes in our economy in Manufacturing, Agriculture and Finance. The emerging picture will reveal an unstable system as the tanks are not infinite and a collapse is imminent. In fact, scattered collapses are evident in different pockets of each African country, presenting as rising crime, drug addiction, idleness, and entertainment overconsumption to numb hopelessness. While all these may seem to have different etiology, they are children of the same father called trade deficits or lack of fair trading circles within each African country and trade with international giants. However, Money Circles is not simply a proclamation of disastrous outcomes of our current economic configurations in Africa which are linear as opposed to circular, but it’s solutions manual. The author follows a process he practices in healthcare which is Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, Evaluation. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance (MBA) from California State University (CSUB). His experience in a variety of economic sectors and settings spanning more than two decades informs his all-rounded economic and business perspective. As such, Money Circles is an assessment of our current Economic structure and the diseased manifestation of it. Further, on the basis of the presenting symptoms, Economic prescriptions are made but they all have similar prescriptions as you read through the chapters: Circles! Money Circles!


Publication Date
Jan 27, 2022
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Robert Mwangi



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