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Writer's Block Vaporized, Creativity Maximized!

ByRobert Zito

Lulu Edition - Many people have adventures from the past, coming-of-age experiences, narrow escapes, hair-brained adventures with their friends, things that happened when in school or at a specific job, weird family members or friends, strange and unbelievable occurrences, heart rending and passionate love stories. In short, things, which they know, will make a great book or even a best seller! They finally set everything up, so they have the method, the opportunity and the motive and then nothing! They stare at the white sheet of paper or a computer monitor and their heart races, their palms get sweaty and their mouths dry. They feel like a fraud. Things like “Was I just kidding myself? I’m no writer! What was I thinking?” Streak through their heads and then anxiety sets in, and even fear. Then it becomes a delaying action. It isn’t very much fun facing that blank screen. It is similar to a firing squad except that the target is much more up-close and personal, it’s your self-esteem and pride.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Robert Zito



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