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SEO Marketing Synthesis

How to move effectively in the digital world today to propose your products and services

ByRodolfo Turco

This text is a compendium on SEO and Marketing concepts applicable to all products and services provided via the internet, or offline, in the classic market, but advertised and / or sold via the web. Today, thinking of promoting anything without taking into account how the digital market moves is a commercial suicide, everything revolves around the web, the internet has become the local and global reference point for all activities concerning man and beyond. In this vademecum I describe the gist of the speech for those who do not have the time and / or the desire to read tomes on the subject, for those who want to take action immediately and for those who want to get a detailed idea in a short time and at an insignificant cost to then perhaps deepen later on the aspects most pertinent to your specific needs. Many application details and tricks useful for practical purposes will also be covered to maximize profit in the shortest possible time without neglecting the long-term effects, a vitamin concentrate. To improve myself in the field of SEO and marketing I had to study a large amount of texts and courses, this took me a lot of time, effort and resources, not having found a complete and at the same time practical excerpt, hence the idea of writing a condensed book starting from the many ideas and notes taken and learned; I hope this synthesis work can help you.


Publication Date
Oct 28, 2020
Computers & Technology
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Rodolfo Turco



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