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Save Money and Do it Yourself

ByRoscoe Jackson

"Save Money and Do it Yourself” is a guide which will help eliminate some of the bruises that make most give up when it comes to working on our homes. Right off the top we begin with explanations and descriptions of tools you should own, how they work and around what they usually cost. Truthfully until you are familiar and comfortable with the tools it’ll be nearly impossible to do the work. Information regarding the house inside and out will follow with seasonal schedules to keep you up to date on when and where you should aim your budget and time. There are some areas that we categorized as DDIY (Don’t DIY) which can be a bit dangerous or very costly if handled improperly. Being that I listened to the customers and 60% of them complained about the contractors they dealt with and how they felt intimidated or pressured therefore I’ve included a section to increase your knowledge on what to ask and expect from your contractor.


Publication Date
Mar 6, 2012
Home & Garden
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By (author): Roscoe Jackson



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