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The Red Box

ByRyan Navarro

Angel, wife of a supposed computer salesman Marcus Carter, led a perfectly normal life with her husband and their beautiful daughter Angelina. They had a conventional life in Wisconsin, living in the suburbs of the Oakalla Mountains and sending their daughter in an exclusive catholic school. One typical day while waiting for her husband to arrive in Oakalla Domestic Airport, Angel discovered her husband wasn’t on the plane. Thinking he might have just missed the flight, confusion dips in when eventually Angelina recovers only Marcus’ luggage, and a simple sealed case that seemed to resemble a red box. When panic aroused on her husbands disappearance, she accepts a threatening call from a mafia family that demands the return of the alleged priceless artifact and the revelation that Marcus was a government spy. Refusing to hand over the box, Angel and her daughter engages in a cat and mouse chase that initiates a bomb and massacre case from the peaks of Anchorage Alaska, to the mansions in Wisconsin.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ryan Navarro



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