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Hooking Up

BySarah Smith

I got there around ten in the morning and as with any public place I go to that had women, I got some stares, all of them flattering. I always tried to keep myself in shape, I ate healthy, exercised, avoid indulging and followed a strict code of conduct when it came to parties and get together. I was thirty five then yet my body was that of a trained marine. My height only heightened the perception. I found myself, as usual, roaming aimlessly around the store looking for other things I might need. That’s me, the spender. It was in the produce section that I saw her, this angelic blonde woman with the body that came straight out of my imagination. I edged closer, pretending to get some oranges but my mission was to see if she had any wedding ring on her. On my way to her I noticed that everything she was wearing were tight. Tight Pants, tight jacket, tight razor back shirt, and boy oh boy, a very tight ass. I have always been a Butt man so her medium sized boobs didn’t even bother me. She was wearing a ring


Publication Date
Dec 11, 2012
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Sarah Smith



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