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Pantheon #1

ByJosh DeitchScott Bruno

What if the ancient gods of Rome and Greece had survived the collapse of the empires that worshipped them? Still immortal, yet slowly losing the power they once had, these beings have had to make their way in a world shifting out of their grasp. Steel and bronze have been replaced with silicon and titanium, yet these gods still cling to the rules and hierarchy of their past; hoping for a day when they can reclaim their power. Though many of them know that such a day will never come, they cling to each other and, like many of us, hope for the best that this world can offer. After thousands of years, an old enemy has arisen. He stalks these immortals and threatens the lives they have built. Ulysses Ithacanti, the servant of the Pantheon, must discover who is behind this new danger, and stop the impending menace before the Pantheon is revealed to the world and more fall at the hand of this ancient enemy.


Publication Date
Jan 22, 2014
Comics & Graphic Novels
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Josh Deitch, By (author): Scott Bruno



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