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Ratoon 2

Mentalism You Can Count On

ByScott St Clair

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‘This is some of the most enjoyable mentalism I have ever read or tried. All of Scott’s books are to be savored and used. 5-star material, easily adaptable to anyone’s style. If occasional math frightens you, don’t let it — he holds your hand — and makes it as easy as 1 plus 1. I don’t know where Scott St. Clair has been all my life, but I am glad he is in it now. His material is very highly recommended, and used, by me.’ – Marc Salem Ratoon 2 features more of Scott’s actual performance pieces – nine effects, six based around numbers and on essay. These effects are ALL suitable for the ‘real world’ and are simple and direct in approach. There are no pipe-dreams, this is all workable mentalism. Included in Volume 2: NIPPIN —a double number routine. Logo —an effect based on a popular brand logo. M4trimony —a very unusual ‘match-up” effect. Calendoku3 —a follow-up to Calendoko (featured in Ratoon Vol. #1). Tri-Psy – a very interesting ‘Tarot’ effect where you display your abilities three times over! Testify —a book test with a twist, using an ungimmicked book. nCode —an amazing, hard-hitting PIN divination with a a difference. Fauxtography – a photograph of psychic ‘energy’ – on a spectator’s LOCKED phone (whilst in their possession)! Papa – a story telling effect that leaves your spectators speechless. “Scott has the synapse necessary to understand what makes mentalism powerful… He acutely understands the power and know-how to make a connection. His thought process is calculated in a beautiful way from someone in the art that has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of mentalism. My prediction – his rise will continue for a long time.” – Neal Scryer.


Publication Date
Aug 5, 2018
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Scott St Clair


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm)

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