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My Digital Generation

ByShaun McGill

A brief history of a 36 year old's trials and tribulations with the digital world we know today and his experienced of the digital past. “When I was very young we used to have an outside toilet and I remember being scared that a big spider or rat would come and visit while I was taking care of business yet at no time did I think it odd that the toilet was in the garden. My brother and I used to have our baths in the kitchen sink and again it all seemed perfectly normal. We used to play in the street because there were hardly any cars and when the man who lived a few doors down picked up the local children to let them sit in the back of his open bed truck while he drove down the hill no one shouted “paedophile!” at him…” “…I remember snow very vividly and being able to build a Dad sized snowman and then roll his head down the hill just before the global warming melted him- in those days global warming was called the Sun…”


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Computers & Technology
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Shaun McGill



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