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Lizard Lies Dreaming

Bystacy vanderwoude

His name is Charlie, he's an artist, and he's been having some pretty strange dreams lately. As soon as he falls asleep he finds himself in a basement, covered with spiders,listening to his dead mother's screams. He needs to go back home, down south, to find the answers to her suicide and to silence her pain. But when he gets there, a bizarre string of events lead him to a twisted family composed of thugs,deviants, and murderers who want him to paint a mural on the dinning room wall of their old plantation mansion. Who could resist? His dreams start to meld into the surreal surroundings that he finds himself in and questions his sanity daily. He finds out the hard way that coincidences may not apply to this strange trip he's taking as everything pulls together to weave a frightening tapestry of truth that he finds almost impossible to believe, including the obsession he develops to the mysterious woman chained to the bed in the attic.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): stacy vanderwoude



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