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Thomas Edison’s Secret

ByStefan "Tony" Sperry

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Thomas Edison, Einstein, and may other famous person in history used a process to achieve greatness through the madness of solving the most complex of mysteries. Without this process the complexness of what they were working on will drive any person to madness hence it was a method to madness or rather keep from becoming as such. So Need answers to really tough questions? Need that break through? Need that magical thought that lets you continue your work to success and riches. This book will show you how step by step as so many in history books have done. It is easy and only takes about 2 minutes a day but is so rewarding. Success, what you want and the answers can be yours easily. A great women and men in our history books achieved a great deal as can be read in our history books. All of them used the same principles to get the answers to the questions they had. Even you have used it but may not know about it.


Publication Date
May 24, 2008
Personal Growth
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By (author): Stefan "Tony" Sperry


Saddle Stitch
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US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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