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Writing Freeform Larps

A structured method for creating freeform-style live-action roleplaying games

BySteve Hatherley

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Freeform larps are interactive roleplaying games involving anywhere from six to as many as eighty players, all with detailed character backgrounds. Writing Freeform Larps outlines a structured process for writing freeform larps, covering the initial concept through to running the game. Topics include writing plot and characters, character sheets, and rules and mechanics. Contents 1 Introduction: A short explanation of freeform larps and why I wrote the book. 2 The process: The ten-step process I use to write my freeform larps. 3 Character sheets: A detailed look at freeform character sheets. 4 Structure and events: How I structure my freeforms, from game start through to wrap. 5 Plots: My four-step process for planning and writing plots. 6 Characters: What makes a good freeform character? 7 Rules and mechanics: A discussion of freeform larp mechanics, including combat, romance, contingencies, crime and punishment, abilities—and more. 8 Running freeform larps: My approach to running a freeform larp. Appendix A: Freeforms: Details of the freeforms mentioned in the text, along with links. Appendix B: Abilities: Example abilities from several freeforms. Appendix C: Other freeform styles: A discussion of other freeform styles, including horde games, workshop games and faction games. Appendix D: Where to find more: Links to other resources. (If you would like a pdf copy of Writing Freeform Larps, please drop me a line at sjhatherley at gmail dot com with your Lulu receipt and I will email you the pdf.)


Publication Date
Feb 17, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Steve Hatherley


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