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Practical Geosciences

Practical Geosciences

ByStig-Arne Kristoffersen

This book is meant as an introduction for non-geoscientists into the practical Geoscience. In this book we try to make it simpler and more accessible to the average user. We hope to have struck a middle path with this book. We strive to give geoscience to everybody who wants to learn it, and encourage as many as possible to get some insight to this science that even if we do not know it, affect us in our daily life. Engineering is accompanied by geoscience in order to achieve those marvels we can observe today. Making sure the foundation of a building or structure is good enough for sustaining its weight and strain due to wind and weather. In our daily ride in the car thanks to the geoscientist bringing us the petrol we use to fire up the engines with. Even the gas we use in our daily activities whether its work or at home.


Publication Date
Oct 2, 2011
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By (author): Stig-Arne Kristoffersen



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