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Superior Brain Health

ByT Dorsey

Superior Brain Health’ is the ultimate guide for those who want to boost their brain power and protect their brain health so that they can be focused, alert, and solve problems creatively. You’ll discover how to maximize your cognitive abilities, increase your IQ, and avoid cognitive diseases like dementia. Here are some of the things that you will discover in this life-transforming program: The surprising differences between brain health and brain power Why you need to maximize your brain power in the 21st century 8 fun facts about the human brain The little known connection between what you eat and your brain health How to avoid oxidative stress that damages your brain cells Why people who eat traditional diets are less likely to suffer from depression plus how to protect your mental health The link between exercise and brain health How to train your brain and boost its functioning The quickest easiest way to increase your IQ The truth about crossword puzzles and why they don’t make you smarter 5 perks of improving your brain health 8 habits that boost your brain health The dangers of inadequate vitamin D and how to avoid them The common computer game that can improve your cognitive abilities Why stress is dangerous for your brain functions 10 foods that boost your brain health Top 7 brain health supplements that optimize your brain functions 6 tips for preserving brain health even in old age


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2021
Health & Fitness
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): T Dorsey



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