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The Scientific Basis for Modern Analytic Practice

ByThomas Bishop

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This book has been written primarily for data and computer scientists engaged in, or preparing to become engaged in, analytic practice. The goal of this book is to introduce applied researchers to the scientific principles forming the basis for a rigorous problem formulation strategy. The book has been organized into four “themes”. Chapters 1 and 2 provide the definition of applied research and examples of the “pitfalls” that can be experienced in practice. Chapter 3 presents an example of a successful applied research project that illustrates the concepts and methods presented in the book. The discussion in the first three chapters is designed to provide support for the need to move beyond a mathematical and computational approach to analytic practice, and employ a rigorous, scientific approach to applied research. Chapters 4-11 provide the fundamental concepts that form the scientific foundation for applied research, including a detailed analysis of the steps in the scientific method. Chapters 12-15 provide an introduction to Dr. Shewhart’s inductive analytic methodology, including a detailed description of his method of rational subgrouping and the use of his process behavior charts that have proven so successful in practice. Chapters 16-17 provide a description of operational definitions and the “applied research protocol” that has been developed to operationalize the philosophy of science and analytic methodology described in the book. And finally, the book concludes with capstone case studies that provide detailed examples of the application of the methodology.


Publication Date
Apr 27, 2021
Business & Economics
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By (author): Thomas Bishop


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