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SAP HCM and Payroll configuration and troubleshooting notes

Real notes on solving actual SAP HR / HCM and Payroll related error messages, configuration problems, issues, scenarios, functional requirements from a SAP HCM / Payroll consultant on topics like SAP Australia Payroll, SAP Singapore Payroll, GL Postings

ByTik Loon Lim

These are actual notes with screenshots of the author solving real life SAP HR/HCM, ABAP and Payroll related functional requirements, error messages, configuration tips, need to know knowledge for topics like SAP Australia Payroll, SAP Singapore Payroll, SAP Korea Payroll, webdynpro, ESS/MSS and many other useful tips. Delimiting Qualifications 6 Hello World – My first Webdynpro application 7 ABAP Webdynpro with Selection Screens and BAPI 7 Payroll Australia - Payment Summary, 13ADD Feature, V_T5QGP 9 Payroll Schema – Crash Course 9 Payroll Schema – Crash Course part 2 11 RPDASC00 - Formatting Schemas and Personnel Calculation Rules 12 V_512W_B – Valuation Bases 13 ESS/MSS Leave Requests stored 17 ESG Grouping for Time Quota Types 17 Time Transfer Rules – Important Tables 17 Fixing IT2001 vs IT2006 discrepancies – Method 2 17 Tcode SCC1 – Transport in same R/3 but to a different client 18 SAP Learning Solution (LSO) / Training and Event Management (TEM) 19 Remove Retroactive Details on HRFORM Payslip 20 Australia and New Zealand specific tables 25 Wagetype basics 101 25 Understanding ESS/MSS Homepage Framework Configuration 26 ABAP Webdynpro - A simple Form and automatic selection screen 29 Displaying Wagetypes at Singapore's IR8A form 30 LSO/TEM Configuring Course and Participant Cancelling Reasons 31 Singapore Payroll - IR8A Appendix 8A - Address 36 Changing Payroll Schema - Add New Line 37 No blanks for Processing Class 05 and 06 38 Report RPTQTA00 - Absence Quota Generation 38 SAP HR Payroll Process 40 Payroll – Retroactive Accounting 41 Payroll Area and Period Parameters - T549A and T549Q 43 Deleting Payroll Results 45 PU03 – Change Payroll Status 47 Solving PG162 - Organizational Reassignment not permitted 50 Displaying Appendix in Singapore IR8A Forms 51 Singapore Payroll CPF Related Wagetypes 52 SE17 – General Table Display 52 Singapore Payroll – Mid Month Payroll Solution 53 HRSP53: OSS 1752068 - SGEDT Feature 59 PPOME - Hierarchy Framework Enhancement - Hide Tabs at Details 61 Wagetypes - Assignment to Wage Type Group - T52D7, T512Z 64 Singapore Payroll - /450 Wagetype 66 Copying Wagtype – OH11 66 Australia Payroll - Showing Retro lines for Superannuation in Payslip 68 Australia Payroll - Employment Declaration Details to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) 69 Australia Payroll - Payroll Tax 70 Time - Feature QUOMO 71 Australia Payroll - LSL calculation 72 /551 and /552 GL What is TKAU** Korea Payroll - Tax Deductions and Tax Credits


Publication Date
Aug 30, 2022
Computers & Technology
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By (author): Tik Loon Lim



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