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Teaching Finances to Your Future College Student

ByTin Connolly

Teaching teens about money is something we feel passionately about. Teens have never paid taxes, insurance, or had to repay a loan. The school of hard knocks is not how you want your child to learn personal finance. One part of the American dream is going to college to better yourself and make a good living. But the ultimate goal and the reason we work so hard is the idea of financial freedom. If we let students start out their lives as indentured servants to their student loans, they will never be able to save additional money for retirement or save for an emergency rainy day fund. Tell them how much you pay for their cell phone and car insurance. This is an excellent way for your student to really see what their financial future can look like and how their choice of college can impact that future reality. For more information please visit here


Publication Date
Jan 17, 2020
Business & Economics
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By (author): Tin Connolly



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