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Taming Danielle

A Racist’s Encounter

ByTony Ralph

Explicit Content
Racism is a thing. It was and still is. But, no one was born a racist. We were all once loving and fragile beings. Racism is something we learn from the people around us, especially the people dearest to us. Learning is hard but unlearning is harder. For some, it will take years of isolation to unlearn how not to be a racist. Others will have to submerge themselves in the midst of hundreds of the same people they subliminally detest to unlearn racism. Neither of those was Danielle Hall or Dani as her close friends fondly call her. Although Dani never publicly voiced her biases because she lacked words to support her views, it remained a deep-seated judgment for minorities exhibited as behavioral nuances. Her boyfriend Erik tried his best to help her unload the burden of racism her family had heaped on her. While Erik has made remarkable progress, Dani grasped on, refusing to let go like a teenager that just found her first love. Just when he ran out of ideas, a neighbor shows up in front of their door. An ideology that was not substantiated by facts is just like a house that was built on sand. It will eventually be washed away.


Publication Date
Mar 7, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Tony Ralph



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