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His & Hers

His & Hers

ByValerie Hope

When Steven’s frat brother told him that he needed someone to watch the old house for six months, he thought he had found the deal of a lifetime. Settling in, he has the strange sense that he is not alone. Then he finds the diary: "Dear Diary, I asked if I could entertain clients. Oh, Diary, my shame! My face burned with redness as I made the request, but I swear by Holy God my motives were pure. Perhaps only this once. Just so that I might be able to show my affection to my friends." When Steven reads more, he slowly becomes Stephanie, the spirit of the girl from long ago. But the past quickly gives way to the present, and the new girl quickly learns the art of 21st century seduction. New sexy clothes and shoes complete the transformation. Now with stunning good looks, and an appetite for excitement, she is soon playing the field. Will lust lead to marriage? Find out in HIS & HERS! Full length story...! OVER 80 PAGES!!! OVER 25 ILLUSTRATIONS!!! Adult themes and subject matter


Publication Date
Apr 20, 2014
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Valerie Hope



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