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Twisted Tongue issue 1

Twisted Tongue issue 1

ByVarious Authors

Welcome to the first issue of Twisted Tongue, there should be something in here for everyone… if not, then let us know. Twisted Tongue is a new magazine unlike any other… here you will find works that are twisted and we don’t mean ones with a simple twist. This magazine is for those 18 and over. In this issue you will meet a man whose revenge is sweet… you will also witness a child’s game gone wrong… and murder… accidental, of course. You’ll meet Robert Llewellyn, better known to some as Kryten from the TV series ‘Red Dwarf’ talking about his novels. In our articles, you’ll learn all about Azam Gill and his first-hand experience of front line fighting, and how he’s incorporated this experience into a novel. We have the inside story of how John Grant became a published fantasy author. Within the centre pages, you’ll find an eerie story to thrill you courtesy of Linear Comics. And don’t forget to look out for Twisted Tongue’s first competition. Our thanks to all contributors


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Various Authors



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