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Reptiloids II

Humorous Coloring Book featuring 60 fantastic creatures in 32 drawings for cheerful coloring by adults and teens

ByVasyl Saiko

Reptiloids II is a humorous PDF coloring book featuring 32 humorous portraits of humanoid reptiles in a variety of settings and doing tons of interesting activities. People tend to joke about these enigmatic beings, but, up until now, no one has seen them clearly, so this is a marvelous opportunity to imagine how they could look. Each page of this highly-quality coloring book is a finished composition with thin, detailed lines to bring out the volume and tone, as well as decorated with an intricate frame. You can see my books here The small format of the pictures allows for each page to be completed in one sitting, if desired, making it easy to have a bright and joyful frame-worthy image without the hassle and stress of multiplecoloring sessions. Designed to interest both teens and adults, Reptiloids is a wonderful way to have fun while developing a sense of color. This PDF coloring book includes: 32 humorous illustrations featuring 60 different reptiloids Trim: 5,5" x 8,5"


Publication Date
Aug 29, 2022
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By (author): Vasyl Saiko



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