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We Call Them Lightning Bugs

Poetry in Motion & Inspiration - An upstanding collection of poems, beautifully written capturing real life.

ByWilliam Jenkins

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This is the introduction to a book of poems and Poetry for inspired stories, cover a wide variety of topics from types of poetry to short poems form my childhood memories. This book of urban scribes will uplift the soul, make readers think about the state of mind and how to make it better and motivate the spirit. The characters in an inspirational Poems and Poetry often find themselves to find that happy place that many have forget, needs and desires within the tapestry of their beliefs and the beliefs of those around them. These faith-based, inspirational Poems and Poetry can be set in contemporary settings with the themes of decency, fidelity, honesty and forgiveness and going back to when you were a kid and had to be in the yard when the street light come on. We use to see the little bugs flying around that would being joy to a small kid or big heart. They are called Lightning Bugs or Fireflies? We in south know the Right Answer. Summertime in the South is synonymous with many distinctly seasonal things, like fresh peaches, sunset porch hangs, tomato sandwiches, and be home before the street lights come on. Oh, and watching the twinkling, light-up bugs that linger in the bushes, on the edge of the woods, or just beyond the creek side. In fact, that might be best done during a sunset porch hang whilst eating a watermelon or fresh apple pie. There could be playing hide and go seek involved (if you were a bad little kid-hiding go get), too. We're not silly. See how it all comes together? That's summertime in the South. Those floating incandescent insects that only come out during a short period in the summer are known by many names — most commonly either lightning bugs or fireflies. Though, we've also heard other creative labels such as firebugs, candle flies, or lamp bugs. Many might remember heading out with a Mason jar or empty soda bottle in hand as a child, hoping to catch one for good luck. Harder than it looks. Others might have heard of the synchronous fireflies of the Great Smoky Mountains that create a wondrous display of synchronized blinking lights (blinking butts, some joke) each summer for the world to see. Turns out, there is a good chance that whatever you call them has a lot more to do with who you are and where you spent your childhood than the insects themselves. We all need a little happiness and joy so read the poems, poetry and short stories about our friendly neighborhood guide light the lightning bugs.


Publication Date
Jul 24, 2022
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): William Jenkins


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

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