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Through These Eyes

Surrendering the Ties to My Soul

ByYladrea Drummond

Through These Eyes is a raw self-healing journey through the experiences and revelations of Yladrea Drummond. This book will expose old wounds, unveil hard truths, and provoke past trauma with inspiration to face your inner self as you journey towards healing. This journey to awakening begins with Yladrea's first encounter with adversity, one that had its hands in all other misfortunes or "wounds" in her life. It ends with her true freedom from the old her by saying hello to the woman she has become. In Through These Eyes, great wisdom will be laid out, through the perspective of a woman who broke her chains. Yladrea tells the uncensored version of how she unshackled her soul by having real conversations with her inner self, recognizing and distinguishing abnormalities, and accepting her circumstances while not letting them define her life's outcome. Through personal growth, unexpected advice, different relationships, and her it's never too late to be the best you attitude, Yladrea delivers a non-structured approach to self-heal. Because let's face it, life is MESSY, and there is no structure. This raw, uncensored book will take hold of you and won't let go! Prepare to have your emotions set on fire, and once you cool down, we will heal together!


Publication Date
Aug 31, 2020
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Yladrea Drummond



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