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Rusty Trimble

Rusty Trimble is a writer of both illustrated Children's books and adult novels of the noir genre. He has completed six books for children based around his son Andrew who stars in each story. His first adult novel, The Hitmen Narratives is a series of short stories revolving around one of the most evil of professions, the professional killer. He also has produced a calendar based on his comic strip "It's A Crazy Life". He recently completed the first book in what he hopes will be an exciting children's adventure series called Andrew and the Red Dragon. This is based on his illustrated book of the same name. He is currently working on the sequel. As the father of an Autistic child, he hopes the sales of his books will provide funding to raise money to seek research and treatment for children with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. To that end, 50% of all profits from any book are pledged to like causes.