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Ellyn Dye

Ellyn Dye is an author, Intuitive Coach, a newsletter author/publisher, and a popular and humorous public speaker on Near-Death Experiences, metaphysics, spirituality, and these amazing times of change and transformation. Over thirty years of metaphysical studies and mystical experiences—and a full-fledged Near-Death Experience (NDE)—inform and enrich her world view and her writing. Ellyn’s first novel, "The Search for the Crystal Key," is an exciting fantasy adventure for all ages, about believing in yourself and the power of love. It incorporates much of what she learned during her NDE about how life works. Ellyn travels widely, capturing the feel of sacred/mystical/spiritual places in images, which she makes available in calendars and matted prints. For more information about Ellyn, her Intuitive Coaching, her NDE, her free newsletter, and her other products & services, visit Ellyn's website: