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Darren Bane

Darren Bane was born at a very early age in Bristol, England, in 1969 and has persistently refused to grow up ever since. He is a qualified journalist and a multi-award-winning PR, corporate communications and marketing professional. For as long as he can remember, he dreamed of holding in his hand a book he had written. He tried the traditional routes (submitting to publishers/agents) several times (attracting some positive feedback, but no publishing deals). Pride (not to mention having more sense than money - for once) prevented him from pursuing the vanity publishing route and paying a small fortune to have his books published. Then he discovered Lulu. Not only was he able to hold in his hand a paperback he had written without breaking the bank, while he is not yet troubling the best-seller charts, he can put his hand on his heart and say that, through Lulu, his books have sold all over the world. He remains an ambitious amateur author, practising prestidigitator, hapless (perhaps hopeless?) hockey player, fledgling farceur, happy husband and doting dad. He has not yet lived in the South West of England all his life. His website is: Follow him on Twitter: @dazzabane