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David Damian Figueroa

David Damian Figueroa is host of The David Damian Show (Click promo link below), a filmmaker, and activist. David Damian grew up working in the fields of Yuma, Arizona and knows first-hand the plight of those who work in farms and ranches picking America’s fruits and vegetables. Throughout his career in Los Angeles, he has made numerous and important contributions to farmworker justice in business, at nonprofit organizations and as an Associate Producer of the documentary film, “The Harvest”/ “La Cosecha” and executive producer of the critically acclaimed docu-film, "Food Chains" which premiered at The Berlin Film Festival in 2014. He is a recipient of the 2017 Dolores Huerta Award from Farmworker Justice and has been commended by many elected officials and is the recipient of KCET/PBS’ Local Hero Award (Greater Los Angeles), named #1 on the “41 List” as most influential Latino LGBT in the USA, and received the Humanitarian Award from Valled del Sol in Arizona