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jon sims

I was born in mid Devon a long time ago. A little kid on a little farm in the middle of nowhere had no idea he would end up here in China, via many countries. I just kept moving forward. After getting a physics degree (an excuse not to start work), it took a few years to realise I did not like working for people.So I just did my own thing. It's kept me mostly off the streets since then, but I have traveled a few. I was in NZ for 15 years and have recently passed the mark where I have lived in China longer than in any other country. I have a few wishes. One is I wished people were not so full of themselves. The other is to fulfill my mantra which is leaving this place a little better than when I came here. Oh.. and end world poverty. Poverty is the fundamental crime against humanity and it is an honour, these last 22 years to see China bring 1/5th of the world's population out of poverty. I have a wife and a couple of sons and still surf, sail, ride motorcycles and drink too much. HAH!