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Mat Fitzwilliam

I grew up in the Victorian town of Camperdown in Australia. The sounds from the radio, which was always on in the kitchen, captivated me from an early age. Countdown was huge and we wanted to be part of the rock 'n' roll that excited us and was all around, so with some mates from High School we formed a band and it’s been downhill since…! Skipping a couple of decades, after years of playing and collecting guitars during many moves in and around Melbourne and overseas, pursuing education, careers, family and life, I happened upon an auction where I picked up a mint 1950's Maton amplifier. I was hooked and as I learnt more about the various amplifiers built in Australia from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, I was fascinated by the vast number of builders for such a small market. Like a lot of things in life I have become a writer by accident (and aren't they often the best journeys, the ones unplanned). This isn't my day job (unfortunately) but my passion to share with others