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Hope Squires

Hope Squires writes, blogs, and leads group studies to share her passion for God's Word and the world all around us. The Flourishing Tree is Hope's first book. After drifting away from church and drifting through life in her twenties, she felt called to come back to a life of faith. But she had little knowledge of how to enter into a true relationship with God and so turned the Bible and other books to point the way. As she studied the Bible, she felt drawn to passages about trees, a lifelong love of hers, and began to see these trees revealing the way to a greater trust in and dependence on God. Her hope is that the book will help other drifters and seekers learn how to walk in faith with God. When Hope is not writing, you will find her spending time in the mountains, running, reading, gardening or listening to music – but never all at the same time. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and high energy dog. Her next big adventure involves a move across the country.