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Miss Clearmont

Miss Irene Clearmont is engaged in the production of ADULT themed novels and short stories. Be warned that themes can be strong and very sexually orientated in the areas of:- Femdom. BDSM. Discipline. Sexual Slavery. Lesbian Domination. Gradually Miss Irene Clearmont has been making a name for herself with purple prose, plotting and realism as well as what has been described as her deviant imagination. On offer here, on Lulu, are her earlier works, mostly re-edited and presented as hardbacks. These are not books for the faint of heart and the prudish. They are literature for the degenerate lovers of sexual horror and sexual misuse. Just one simple theme runs like a thread through these works: That the female protagonists are dominant, vicious, sexual and ruthless. That men and other women who fall prey to their vices and pleasures can expect to slip down a slope of fear, pain, sexual control as well as utter degradation to gratify their new owners in an awake nightmare