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John Olsen

John Olsen was first introduced to The Shadow as a boy in the early 1960s, listening to rebroadcasts of The Shadow’s radio dramatizations on KEX radio in Portland, Oregon. In 1966, John was drawn to a hardback book entitled The Weird Adventures of The Shadow. It contained three Shadow adventures reprinted from the old pulp magazines. It was only then that John realized that The Shadow on the radio was substantially different from The Shadow of the pulps. In 1996 he began reading The Shadow in earnest. Seven years later, he had read all 325 of them and had written short reviews of each one. He began reading them all a second time, and expanding upon those reviews, now that he had a complete perspective of the entire magazine series. He finished the task in 2015. Today, John is retired in small town Sherwood, Oregon. He still continues to read The Shadow’s pulp adventures... yes, for a third time.