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Kneel Downe

Kneel was born in 1967 and raised in the middle of countryside and silence where he immersed himself in books and fantasy. After trying several writing styles, Kneel began tweeting short fragments of fiction. A meeting with his idol, Jeff Noon, made Kneel realise that these short bursts could make up a whole universe of fiction, and so the VirulentBlurb projects began. His website, introduces the world to the characters and technology of the VirulentBlurb, the Spillane-esque wolf-splice police detective, Kurt Lobo, the enigmatic Amelia and the superhero inmates of the Copper Cascades asylum. The books have grown from there and the VirulentBlurb is still evolving... Recent reviews have compared Kneel to Jeff Noon, Phillip K Dick and others, and his books described as a written splicing of Bladerunner and Sin City.