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Wendy Padilla lives and writes on her small ranch, Pa-Gotzin-Kay. It is here where she hosts Nakwach, a community dedicated to the Red Road and Native American ceremonies, such as the sweat lodge and medicine wheel, supporting those who are now celebrating life on a spiritual path. On the door of her house hangs a small ceramic tile with the word imagine set against a blue sky. This one word is the motivation for Wendy Padilla’s writing. The story of how this came about is yet to be written. For now her days are filled pursuing the Four Winds, or directions, or levels of consciousness, and that, too, is being put to paper. Wendy has written political and philosophical commentary, articles for homestead magazines, and has assisted her late husband in writing scientific articles. To date Wendy has authored four books: Medicine of the White Owl (a co-authored work), and her first novel, Valley Fever, which has now become a series, the the