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Paul Stansbury

Paul Stansbury is a life long native of Kentucky. Now retired, he lives in Danville, Kentucky. His novelette, Little Green men? was published as an epublication by Bards and Sages Publishing. His stories have appeared in the anthologies: Brief Grisyls, published by Apocryphile Press; Neo-Legends to Last A Deathtime, published by KY Story: Frightening, published by Sez Publishing: Out Of The Cave, published by MacKenzie Publishing: In Media Res, published by Writespace Houston and Nocturnal Natures, published by Zimbell House Publishing. His work has also appeared in a variety of on line publications. His poetry has appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, Young Ravens Literary Review and Kentucky Monthly. He is a contributing writer for the Danville Advocate Messenger Newspaper. He frequently reads his work in public. He is Scheduling Coordinator for Historic Penn's Store's Annual Kentucky Writers Celebration. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Scarlet Cup Theater.