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Image of Author John David (formerly Premananda)

John David (formerly Premananda)

Finding no fulfillment in career and relationship in England, and driven by a deep question inside him, Premananda began a spiritual journey. After many years he eventually arrived in India at the doorstep of his master, Papaji. Here, twenty years of spiritual searching ended when the Self revealed itself and he saw that this was his true nature. Today, Premananda is a spiritual teacher, artist, author and filmmaker living in Open Sky House an International Satsang and Arts community that he founded in Germany in 2004. Here he holds regular retreats as well as broadcasting live SatsangTV via the Internet three evenings a week. You can engage in dialogue with him by entering into the meeting live using Skype. During the week you can ask questions by email which he will then answer in the next meeting. There is also a comprehensive archive of 300 Satsang meetings since 2009, in seven different languages.