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Richard Lee Zimdars

The Baby Ballers. Women's basketball from a unique perspective. Played with love by young and talented girls, each with the skills to match anyone they compete against. Richard Zimdars lived in a small farmhouse, five miles from the city of Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Reading since the age of three, his interest in Science Fiction and comic books grew first, followed by sports, games, television, rocketry and model building. He didn't realize it then, but all these interests led him to discover a passion for writing. During his youth, Richard spent some of his summer days shooting an underinflated basketball at a hoop with a chain net in the barn. There, he learned of his enjoyment in the sport of basketball, a sport which is still his favorite to watch. Richard began his path to writing in 1979, and is currently a columnist for the web publication, Lake Mills Online. In 2010, he completed his first novel, The Baby Ballers. He is an active supporter and fan of the WNBA.