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Steven J. Corner

Steven’s first novel was based on his interest in the First World War and the North East of England. The story was written to commemorate the centenary year of the Great War and the bravery, sacrifice and grief of the Nation. His second novel is based upon his abiding interest in National Hunt Racing and he has tried to capture the pride, joy, disappointment, and sometimes the sadness, of owning, training and following steeplechase racehorses. Steven's third book is a Christmas tale for children...... It is the night before Christmas and evil Yggdrassil, the Nordic Tree God, desires the magical powers of Santa Claus. Can Santa, and his loyal elves stop Yggdrassill's evil plan?.......Or will children everywhere wake on Christmas morning with no presents left by Santa Claus? Steven is an Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lecturer, at Darlington College, and also a Royal Marines Commando Reservist in his spare time.