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Ijaz Chaudry

I am an honest messenger who wants to promote the worship of God alone, using God's scriptures with the final reference point to be the Quran! The books are means of guidance, and not to gain fame or fortune! As you can see all e-books are free. There are some people who do want fame and fortune, These same people spread hate among the believers by providing lies, be aware! On the Day of Judgement, there is no intercession, only your deeds count, so it is entirely up to you to make the right decisions when you are alive. There is no reparation after death! Best advice would be to read the books and make your own mind, one cannot be fairer than that! No one knows you better then you, believe in God and believe in yourself, don't be led by hate mongers! It is your impending duty to support the truth, if you find these books to your benefit, than do say so and give a review. If you don't than are you letting hate mongers succeed, indeed that is shameful! God bless!!! Al-Muzzummil