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Dr. Tim Green has years of experience working with believers of Muslim Background (BMBs). His friendships with them stretch back nearly forty years in many countries. He has walked with them, seen their struggles and learned much from them. His PhD was on the identity issues they face. How do they establish their new identity in Christ, with a gradual transformation of their old mindset and habits? How do they navigate between Muslim and Christian communities, and what religious labels are thrust upon them? He started to write Come Follow Me in 2006 and based the course on a thorough study of 1 Peter, integrated with the issues faced by BMBs. The course was field-tested with about forty BMBs and experienced disciplers, leading to successive revisions. The English international edition of Come Follow Me was published in 2013, revised in 2017. The Advisor's Guide and many other languages are now available, see the links above.