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A. Greenman

Once wanderer, prolific writer, adventurer extraordinaire. Now full time artist. Author of Inspirational Writing. Literary and non-fiction. In 2012, he attracted the attention of the 'BBC', more than once, when releasing his book: ‘I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World', a reality novel about his extraordinary decade of roaming the earth. (hear one of the interviews on 'You Tube', on the GreenmansBooks Channel, see link below) He discovered he was Dyslexic in 2011. In order to assist him, he often writes in the style of a novel or novelette, even though most of his tales are in fact true. In 2013 he met his partner and started a family, going on to travel together. Eventually settling in England, now with two delightful children. He admits that he conjured up the name 'A'. Greenman for fun in 2009, from where the main character of many of his books later evolved when 'A' became 'Adam'. Real name publicised in 2018, Matthew Franklin.