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Alan Soffer

Amazing! That is the word that jumps to my mind when I see what I have accomplished as an artist and previously as a dentist. My father never encouraged working with your hands, only the brain. Yet my life has found meaning and joy using my hand as a conduit for my spirit and mind. It seems as if I have channeled a link to the universal spirit when I am painiting and in the zone. What a blessing and a surprise to have found my way through the forest of distractions to the warm glow of the center. "Painting the reality of the mind in wax, oil, and acrylic" is my mantra. Nothing is purer than that. A beautiful rendering of a pasture with a cow and barn is considered realistic painting, but to me it represents a copy of the real thing in most cases. For the real thing one must go to nature itself or a photo as second best. What explodes on these pages are only available here and now. It is not a copy of anything. It is my authentic truth.